Pro N 10

Pro N 10 is formulated using the purest form of soy protein currently on the market.

Protein nitrogen is the fourth form of nitrogen in a balanced fertility program. While the product provides a rapid and efficient supply of nitrogen and carbon, natural plant proteins also help other nutrient uptake, use and transportation inside the plant. Turf responds quickly to PRO N 10 applications, utilizing the nutrients where the plant needs it the most as determined by the plant at the time of the application. PRO N 10 also contains our proprietary Freshwater Algae Extract (UNI-MAX) which elicits even greater plant response.

  • 10-0-0 liquid plant derived protein Nitrogen derived from soybean cake
  • Unique 4th source of Nitrogen that the plant can use without expending energy to convert
  • Plants determine where to use the Nitrogen during different times of the year
  • Great for overall plant health, root growth, and stress reduction
  • Reduces the need for traditional fertilizer sources
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