rightline PROHEX 27.5 WDG growth regulator


The Right Plant Growth Regulator Product for Turf Management on Cool and Warm Season Turfgrasses

RightLine® PROHEX 27.5 WDG Plant Growth Regulator: a water dispersible granule containing Prohexadione Calcium, a gibberellin inhibitor. PROHEX 27.5 WDG may be used for the following turf areas: golf greens, tees, fairways, roughs, and other turf.

  • Application timing methods based on Calendar Rate or Growing Degree Days (GDD).
  • Turf growth reduction typically observed by the 3rd day after application.
  • Reduces turf growth and mowing frequency.
  • Strongly regulates Poa annua providing favorable turf growth in mixed stands.
  • Reduces amount of clippings.
  • Late-Stage Inhibitor which improves turf quality, density, and appearance.
  • Convenient 6 lb re-sealable packaging.
  • Rainfast after 1 hour.
  • Caution Signal-Word.
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