addit herbicide from rightline

ADDIT™ Herbicide

The First Post Patent Option of Carfentrazone

RightLine® ADDIT herbicide is the first post patent option of Carfentrazone in turf. Carfentrazone rapidly penetrates into the plant cells and visible weed control may be apparent on foliage of susceptible weeds in 24 hours or less. Use RightLine® ADDIT herbicide as a tank mix partner with 3-way herbicides for greater efficacy, broader weed control and quicker knockdown of broadleaf weeds. Labeled for use on most cool and warm season turf in the following sites: residential, commercial, and institutional lawns, golf courses, schools, and sports facilities.

  • Labeled for most Cool & Warm Season Turfgrass, including St. Augustine
  • Visible results in 24 hours.
  • Water Based Formulation
  • Can be applied 7 days after emergence of turfgrass from seeding or sprigging
  • Contact herbicide, little to no residual
  • Compatible with most pesticides, liquid fertilizers and adjuvants
  • May be able to reduce the rates of 3-Way Herbicides
  • Convenient 8 oz Tip and Measure and 64 oz packaging
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