rightline bag fungicide ruby


Sharda RUBY (Boscalid) Fungicide Effectively Controls Dollar Spot and Excellent Tank Mix Partner

RUBY fungicide attacks pathogens that cause dollar spot in a unique and highly effective way. RUBY fungicide disrupts fungal growth and development, halting disease development. RUBY’s mode and site of action differ from any other fungicides so it effectively controls pathogens that have developed resistance to other fungicides.

  • Low use rates
  • Provides up to 28 days protection
  • Convenient 70% WDG formulation
  • Labeled for both Turf & Ornamental applications
  • Systemic Mode of Action
  • Resistance Management Tool for Superintendents
  • Labeled for use in Warm and Cool Season Turf
  • Great tank mix partner with RightLine AZOX 2 SC, Rightline PROPI 1.3 MEC and Chlorothalonil.
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