rightline nemamection 0.7 sc insecticide


The Right Product for Uncompromising Control of Sting, Root-Knot and Lance Nematode Species. For Use on Greens, Tees and Fairways of all Types of Golf Course Turf and Professional and Collegiate Sports Fields

RightLine NEMAMECTIN™ 0.7 SC: Provides broad-spectrum control of parasitic turf nematodes including root-knot, lance and sting. Safe for use on all golf course turfgrass species, the product promotes root growth and drought tolerance on greens, tees and fairways. The Suspension Concentrate formulation contains 0.7 lbs of Abamectin per gallon. RightLine NEMAMECTIN™ 0.7 SC is a Restricted Use Product.

  • Flexible application rates and more affordable cost per acre than other products.
  • Protect roots from nematode damage and drought.
  • Tank mix compatible with soil applied fungicides to control both Nematodes as well as turf Diseases and Stress.
  • Apply with standard application equipment.
  • Re-entry is permitted immediately after the spray has dried.
  • Turf should be wet prior to application, and a wetting agent and surfactant should be tank-mixed with RightLine NEMAMECTIN™ 0.7 SC. See label for full application details.
  • Label amended to include Spot Treatments on Golf Courses (see label for details).
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